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SF Bay Area office snacks. Healthy snacks for your office.

Your One Stop for Office Snacks
& Coffee Service

4 Snack Services for Your Office

Choose one of our services or a combination of all 4 to best meet the needs of your team members.


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Office Coffee

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Micro Markets

Pantry service in the SF Bay Area. Give away snacks and beverages to employees

What Customers Say

"We love working with J&J. We get to speak to real people who respond quickly when we need anything."



Step 1

This 2-minute form helps us understand how we can best serve you.


Step 2

Choose a 15-minute meeting time for a call or video call to discuss what you're looking for.

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Step 3

Choose Install Date

Once we have a date on the calendar we'll work together to create a starting menu you'll love.

Vending machine services in the SF Bay Area. Snack and beverge delivery. Vending machines.


We've been servicing vending machines since 1978. Our commitment to customer service has remained the same but the technology we use and the products we place look a lot different today than they did over 40 years ago.​
Office coffee delivery service in the SF Bay Area.


Office coffee is the most cost effective employee benefit but with one of the highest perceived values. Give team members a reason to be excited to go to the office by providing a high quality coffee program complete with state of the art equipment and local roasters.

Sightglass coffee. Office coffee delivery service in the SF Bay Area.
Phiz Coffee. Coffee delivery in the SF Bay Area.
Starbucks. Office coffee service in the SF Bay Area.
Peet's coffee. Office coffee delivery in the SF Bay Area.


Micro markets act like mini convenience stores in your breakroom. The self-checkout kiosk allow employees to purchase health snacks, beverages and fresh/frozen meals 24/7. 

Micro markets are a great addition to any facility but they do especially well in food deserts and in locations with multiple shifts.
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