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  • Check for Delivery Details in Seed
    Use this to check for any discrepancies that customer may say is on an invoice (i.e billed for 24 cases of KIND bars instead of 24 Kind bars) 1. Log in to Seed: 2. Delivery > Invoices > Located account name in search field 3. Select invoice number to view details on invoice 4. Edit if needed 5. Print to PDF to download a copy of the invoice 6. Email to customer if needed
  • Setup a Customer as a New User in Seed
    All new customers should be given a Seed account and issued access to THEIR COMPANY ONLY 1. Login to Seed: 2. Setup > Users > Add User 3. Fill out customer's information: a. Email b. First Name c. Last Name d. Member of "Delivery Web Ordering" e. Restrictions "Only Some Customers" f. User can access _________________ (choose thier company) g. Leave phone number and password blank 4. IMPORTANT: After creating an account send customer an email letting them know their account has been setup and that they will get an email from Cantaloupe Systems (not J&J) to finalize setting up their account. Make sure you also send them the step by step instructions on how to place their first order (Saved File: Placing Your First Order)
  • Invoice Customers for Company Cash - Company Kitchen Accounts Only
    PART 1 1. Login to CK: 2. Choose Account 3. Menus > POS Reporting 4. Choose "Company Cash" from Dropdown 5. Put Dates in Report. The From and To Dates ARE THE SAME. Usually the Dates will be the First of the Month because this is When the Reports Generate. In the Example Here the From Date is 17-12-1 and the To Date is 17-12-1 because the Company Cash was set to Reload on the 1st of Each Month. 6. Scroll to Bottom of Page and Download 7. Open Sheet in Excel 8. Tally "Amount Used" PART 2 1. Login to Seed: 2. Delivery > New Order 3. Select Account You are Invoicing 4. Select Date You are Creating Invoice 5. Start Blank Order 6. You Will Have 2 Differnent Item Numbers to Choose from in the Product Search Bar: a. 10032 - Company Kitchen Case (this is the Total You Collect from the Operator Portal). To Use This Item Number: Edit Price > Input Total from "Amount Used" > Qty 1 b. 10033 - CK Cash Manual Reloads - This Will Be For Any Customer You Needed to Add a Stipend for Mid Month* *The Total is Automatically Set at $20. You May Need to Edit Price if Customer Offers a Larger or Smaller Stipend. 7. Email Excel Sheet to Company Contacts and Mark the Invoice Delivered.
  • Place Future Orders in Seed
    (We will use SnapOn as an example) 1. Log into Seed: 2. Delivery > New Order 3. Choose Company Name (SnapOn) 4. Select Custom Date and Choose Date for Delivery: 5. Select Start Blank Order or Use Order Template 6. Input Products and Quantities 7. Verify Information is Correct, then Click Save Order
  • Review Employees in JuvodHr
    Reviews should be done on a quarterly basis, in person between supervisor and employee. Part of the supervisor's responsibilities is to make sure he/she is prepared for reveiws and maintains the reviewing schedule. We will use Ricky Howard as an example. 1. Login to 2. Click on Employees from Top Naviation Bar 3. Scroll Down and Click on Employee's Name: Ricky Howard 4. Start Review 5. Review Specific Tasks and Rank on Scale of Needs Improvement to Exceeds Expectations 6. Continue 7. Fill Out Comment Sections. BE DETAILED, BE SPECIFIC, BE HONEST - This is a good time to list any specific ways the employee can better their work 8. Continue 9. Review the How- This section is all about attitude and character 10. Continue 11. Juvod will auto generate a synopsis based on how you ranked the employee on the following page. "X" out any comments you do not agree with. If the whole thing looks off, go back and correct your grading scale. 12. Comment - Again be AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE 13. Continue 14. Review Your Review - Make sure you agree with the reivew that is presented at the end of the session. 15. Sum Up Reivew - This is your last chance to add any final comments and to summarize the review. Remember to include: SPECIFIC WAYS employee can improve as well as positive feedback (the whole review shouldn't be negative or there may not be a reason to further employee the person being reviewed). 16. Approve 17. Print - Employee Version and Manager Version 18. Have the Review IN PERSON with Employee 19. Get ALL Signatures 20. Photo Copy Signed Version 20. Give a Copy to Employee to Keep and Give a Copy to HR
  • Create Service Ticket (Call) in Seed
    1. Login to Seed: 2. Alerts > New Ticket 3.Search Asset (Machine). You can type in account name in this search box and options will dropdown. 4. Choose what's wrong with machine from dropdown menu 5. Fill out description of what's wrong with machine, name, phone number and email of the person who called in. 6. Mark Out of Order ONLY if the machine should not be serviced by a driver (i.e. the beverages warm, the machine isn't taking any money). 7. Assign the call to appropriate person. 8. Create ticket.
  • How to Order Coffee Parts for Total One (Including Filter Paper)
    1. Call Betson West (510) 293-9127 The distribution is here in Hayward but the office is actually in New York so keep in mind the 3 hour time difference when you need to call. 2. Order Parts Filter Paper for Total One Machine is Part # 99CAB29CS J&J's Account Number is #521091
  • How to Check Warehouse Picker Times
    1. Login to Lightspeed 2. Choose Standard Reports from Top Tool Bar 3. Choose Employee Picks by Zone 4. Choose Date (Typically Working with Previous Date) 5. Start working with Items Picked and Total Pick Times Calculate total items picked per employee. Calculate total minutes spent picking. Divide items picked by minutes spent picking. This will give you the total items picked per minute. Multiply this number by 60 to see total items picked per hour. Goal for each employee is 1,000 items an hour 6. Log employee times in Excel under "Warehouse Pick Times" File can be found in Jenny's Documents
  • Keep Track of Aging Invoices
    It's very important that we keep track of aging invoices before they get too outdated. Cash flow is a very important part of our business. When an invoice goes out of terms: 7 days - email main contact and AP email on file for account with a gentle reminder that the invoice is past due. Make sure to include a copy of the past due invoice as well a sum total of all past due invoices in the email 14 days - send a second reminder, a little more stern, notifying customer of all past due invoices (making sure to update sum total due if more outstanding invoices and accumulated since the last email was sent) 21 days - email customer, make sure to include J&J representative for the account on this email as well. Notify customer that J&J will suspend service if payment is not received in 7 days 30 days - email customer and J&J account rep to let them know that service has been suspended until payment is received. Notify driver and supervisor at this point. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can keep track of aging invoices by: 1. Loging into Seed 2. Delivery > Aging 3. Once on the aging screen you can click on 1 of 4 time frames to view outstanding invoices by customer: 0-30 31-60 61-90 90+ If you click on 0-30 make sure that the invoices you send to customer are outside of 14Net.
  • How to Update Products on Online Store
    1. login to Password: movecanteen7885 2. Choose manage store 3. You may be asked to enter another username and password on the next page. If you are this is the information needed: Username: jenskidmorem Password: JJVending2018! You should now be at a screen that looks like this: 4. Choose Inventory > Products You shoud now be on a page that looks like this 6. Click on the product you want to work with and you can now edit all basic information OR choose "Add Product" and you can add a new item. When editing/adding information we want to make sure that: -pricing is listed at highest margin available. At time of writing this on 9/5/18 the highest price point is Pantry 2018 at a 65% margin -code matches product code in Seed -weight is set at "0" we are not shipping any of these items so weight does not matter -that all proper categories are selected (i.e for a snickers bar it is both a snack and a candy) -that the front image is the professional photo of the product and that all additional images are behind it (i.e nutrition facts) -under advanced info make sure if an item is taxable (i.e. a non-perishable item or a carbonated beverage) that it is listed as a taxable item: Advanced Info > Pricing > Taxable Product > Select "Y"
  • How to Create a Sales Report for Vending Machines in Seed
    If a vending customer contacts us and wants a full usage report of all items sold in their machines this is the report you would use. This report does not break down items by individual machine but rather by customer. In other words if a customer like BlackRock wants usage by individual machine this is not the report we would use. However, if a customer like SF Marin Food Bank (the custoer we'll use as an example here) wants to know what is popular at their location overall, this is the report we would use. Here's what you do: 1. Login to Seed 2. Choose Reports > Report Writer 3. You will now select your report. Make a Sales (Vending Realtime Sales) report with results for Item Order by Total Units Sold Group by None Deployed Status All Specify your date range (this is typically a month of sales but can be any date range that best fits your customers needs). Select Filters: Choose Customer tab and type in the name of the customer in the search bar. Hightlight the name of the customer from the selctions box and then click >> to move it over to the box on the right. 5. Export to Excel Once in Excel: Once you're in excel clean up the report for the customer so that items are organized by category: beverages, snacks, fresh/frozen food. You can do this quickly by sorting the manufacturer. Once you have each category on it's own tap sort the Total Units Sold Column from largest to smallest The report is now ready to send to customer. Save as "Name of Customer - Total Sales Report - Dates (i.e. 9-1 to 9-30 2018)"
  • Setup a New Customer in Seed
    If you are creating a new customer in Seed you'll need to go through multiple steps to make sure they are setup correctly. IMPORTANT: If they are leasing any equipment from us (i.e. a bean to cup machine, a water unit, an ice maker, etc.) there are additional steps required to make sure those invoices go out automatically at the beginning of each month. Read until the end and make sure you have completed all steps properly. 1. Login to Seed: 2. Click Setup > Customers 3. Click Add Customer and Fill in all Sections of the Create Customer Page a. Name: Customer's Name b. Code: LEAVE BLANK c. Address: Street Address d. Address 2: Suite/Building/floor/Etc. (optional) e. City, State, Zip, Country f. Phone, Fax, Email of Customer g. Management Code: LEAVE BLANK h. Tax Jurisdiction: Make sure you pick the city/country for our tax reporting j. Payment Terms k. Invoice and Statement Preference - will they be emailed or not? l. Create Location - YES m. Salesperson: Name of Salesperson Who Booked Account n. Account Manager: Same as Salesperson o. Start Date p. End Date - LEAVE BLANK q. Description - quick list of services and equipmet we provide r. CF: Sales Person Commission - whatever was agreed percentage is in contract with Salesperson s. Save 4. Refresh to the Customer list screen, type in the customer you just created in the text filter. Enter. (For this example we will use Lacework Inc.) 5. Click on the name of the Location 6. Create Delivery Point 7. Fill Out All of the Information (Leave Barcode Empty) Asset ID: Name of Account and Location (i.e Lacework Breakroom) Barcode: Leave Empty Deployed: Yes Customer: Should Be Name of Customer Loaction: Should Be Same as Name of Customer Place: Designate Where it is in the Building (i.e Breakroom) Route: Choose Correct Route (if unsure check with route manager) Pricing Plan: Choose Correct Pricing Plan. All new pantry accounts should be Pantry 2018. If anything else get approval from Sales Manager Delivery Schedule: Confirm Sales Team Promises with Route Manager Tax Jurisdiction: Decided Based on What City the Account is In Reference: If Customer Has a PO # They Need Referenced Leave it Here Equipment: Leave a quick recap of all equipment at this location CF: Best Vendors: Leave Blank CF: IVM: Leave Blank 8. Save Setting Up Maintenance Fees: THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP AND MANDATORY FOR ALL COFFEE AND PANTRY CUSTOMERS OR ANY CUSTOMER RECEIVING LEASED EQUIPMENT FROM J&J 1. Once a Delivery Point has been Created, Refresh the Customer Screen and Search for Customer in Search Bar 2. Click Delivery Point Tab 3. Click Name of Customer Under Asset ID 4. Click Recurring Order Tab 5. Click Add 6. Fill Out Recurring Order Form Repeat Every: 1 Month Next Schedule Date: Will Be the 1st Date of the Next Month End Date: Leave Blank Auto-Deliver: Yes Create Order in Advance: Don't Create Order in Advance 7. Save
  • How to Review Company Kitchen Security Footage with LogmeIn
    Although LogmeIn doesn't work for all locations it is a great place to start when looking for a thief. 1. Go to 2. Login with your username and password. If you do not have a unique username and password use this: Username: Password: Candyman1! (case sensitive) 3. If you have a unique username/password you will be asked to type in a security code that was sent to your phone or email. If you do not have a unique username/password you will need to send the text message to Joel's phone and ask him for the code. You can do this by selecting "get code via text message" 4. Enter in 6 digit code 5. Choose the market you wish to review footage at. For this example we will use XPO
  • How to Generate Data for Monthly Pantry Reports
    1. Login to 2. Go to Reports > Report Writer 3. Write your report as follows: A. Choose a report type Make a all sales report with results for item/pack. Order by total revenue. B. Specify a date range (should be the first of the month to the last of the month) C. Select filters (you will filter by customer) 4. Export to Excel Once in excel you will make separate tabs for individual categories (i.e snacks, fresh food, beverages, coffee & allied products, maintenance & fuel fees). The very first tab should be labeled as the month and year (i.e December 2018) and should have an overview of all sales. Each new tab created should be sorted from largest revenue item to lowest revenue item. You will use this data to create the canva report. Once the canva report is created, email the canva pdf and the excel sheet to customer.
  • How to Refund a Company Kitchen Account
    1. Go to Choose "Business Tracks" 2. Login with your unique username and password 3. Choose the account of the customer that needs refunded. For this example we'll use Keypoint 4. We'll need to check the price of the item that was purchased first. To do this go to "Menus" 5. Go to "POS Menus" 6. Search for the item in question in the search bar. For this example we'll use Shamrock milk 7. Click on the item in question in the left column search results and verify current price 8. Now you will find the customer in question and verify a purchase was made. To do this go to "POS Management" 9. Click on "Status" Menu and choose "Customers" 10.
  • How to Add or Change a PO in Seed
    Changing a PO in Seed is easy. It's important to make sure you update the PO on ALL delivery points. 1. Login to Seed 2. Search for the customer's location and find the delivery points 3.
  • What To Do When Orders Aren't Showing Up Midday
    When midday orders are not showing up in Lightspeed but the other assets have already been picked, the route must have gotten locked out. To fix this problem, you first have to create a schedule for the Will Call Route. You do this by going to Seed and choosing Scheduling > Easier and click "Create" on the Will Call Route. (for this example, we will use route 104 in place of Will Call but the same principles apply). After you create the schedule you have to create the prepick. You do this by clicking the "create" button on the prepick generated columns. At the bottom of the scheudling screen you click the button that says Service Assets on another Route. On the popup screen, start by selecting the route the account should usually be done by on the "From" dropdown menu. If it is an account where everything will be transferred (vending, delivery, all of it) you can transfer the whole location. If it's Ruckus, where you just want to transfer the coffee deliveries but the vending was already picked, you will have to select the Assett radio button and then type in the asset number. You can find this on their location page or the deliveries page. If doing it by asset and thers is more than one, you will have to do one and then the other. Next you will have to edit the schedule you previously created by clicking the pencil next ot the route on the scheduling screen. Move "THE LINE" by dragging it to the top so only the assets you are trying to get serviced are selected. Make sure you remove all other locations and that the boxes on Ruckus have green check marks. Then click the Save and Done button at the top and create the prepick again. Push the order to Lightspeed. Have the warehouse pick it and send the driver and route supervisor and email that the delivery may show up on the Will Call route it's not on their normal route the next day.
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