Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I View Pictures from Today's Pantry Delivery?

This tutorial is for all of our pantry customers. Pantry customers are the customers who give away snacks and beverages as an employee benefit. This is the same way you can view invoices immediately after delivery. If you are a micro market, office coffee or vending customer we have a similiar feature for you. Please ask your J&J rep how you can receive photos of your deliveries. 1. Login to your SEED account: 2. Select Orders 3. Select Invoice 4. Choose Period for Dates you Wish to Search 5. Select Photo

Who Do I Contact If a Machine is Malfucntioning?

For the quickest resonse time to all machine malfunctions, it is important that you call the main line at 1-800-863-VEND (8363) or email If you are having an ongoing service related issue this is when it is best to contact your J&J Vending Rep directly, through the email and number they have provided you. Remember your J&J Rep is an advocate for you to ensure you are getting the Koala-T service you've been promised. Please Note: J&J Representatives are often in the field which is why it's important to contact the main line or Support email for all machine malfunctions. There is someone at our main office who answers the phone lines and checks this email from 9am-5pm.

How Do I Request a Refund?

We are sorry you lost money in one of our machines! For all services you can contact us at 1-800-863-VEND (8363) or you can use our mobile app to contact us at Credit Cards: If you used a credit card be sure to include the last 4 digits of the card when you send in your notification so that our team can research the transaction. Please Note: Due to our SureVend technology most credit card transactions will automatically correct themsleves. If a charge has not fixed itself within 24 hours please contact our team. Stored Value Cards (for Micro Market Transactions): If you used a Stored Value Card in one of our micro markets please be sure to include your First and Last name on any correspondence so we can look up your account and issue an immediate refund. Cash: All cash transactions are issued a refund via check in the mail. We're sorry, we know this is not the most convenient way to receive your refund however Federal law prohibits us from mailing cash.

How Do I Request a Product?

Micro Markets & Vending: You can request a product by reaching out to us through our mobile app or emailing We will do our best to source the requested item and will let you know when you can expect to see it in your vending machine or market. Pantry: If you work for one of those amazing companies who give you free snacks and beverages you can also make a request through the app and email listed above. Please note: we work directly with your office manager to decide what the menu will be. All requests will need final approval through them. There is no need to contact them with your request. We promise if you send it to us we will make sure they know about it!

How Many Full Time Employees Do We Need to Receive J&J's Services?

We love working with companyies of all sizes but some work better with certain services than others. Office Coffee: We typically ask for a minimum of 20 full time employees. However, if you have meet monthly purchasing minimums (this varies depending on which type of equipment you want to receive) we are happy to deliver to smaller offices. Water Filtration: We only supply water filtration units in correlation with one of our other services. Micro Markets: You need 200+ full time employees on location to support a micro market. Nano Market (like a Micro Market but smaller): You need 150+ full time employees on locaton to support a nano market. Vending: You need a minimum of 60+ full time employees on location to support a beverage or snack vending machine. We would need a minimum of 150+ to support a fresh food or frozen food machine to ensure product is rotated quickly enough to avoid spoilage.