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No Cash Payments in Micro Markets

Why Aren't Cash Payments in the Micro Markets Allowed?

There are a few reasons that cash payments in J&J Vending's micro markets aren't allowed. All of which are important to helping ensure your micro market is fully stocked and runs smoothly.

The Bigger Picture

At the time that micro markets were first created, one of the main reasons (if not, the main reason) that vending machines malfunctioned was due to an issue with the bill validator and/or the change dispenser. In order to reduce down time, it was decided that for micro markets it would be best to eliminate this major pain point.

It also didn't hurt, that at this same time, cash payments were decreasing and credit/mobile payments were increasing. Both of these trends are even more true at present date.

Why There is a Bill Validator on the Kiosk

Although the inventors of the micro markets were well intending, we know it can be frustrating that cash isn't accepted. One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, "why is there a bill acceptor on the machine, if I can't pay in cash?"

That's because if paying in cash is your preferred payment method, you can upload cash to your stored value card to be used then and at a future time.

It's important to remember that the kiosk, unlike a vending machine, will not give you a change. Instead, your "change" will be stored as a balance on your account to use at a later date.

For instance, if you upload $5 to your account and use your account to buy a bag of chips for $1.50 then $3.50 will be saved on your account for future use.

If at any time you'd like to receive a check refund for the balance of your account you would email This normally happens when someone is no longer working at their same place of employment.

Important Reasons NOT to Leave Cash at the Kiosk

Unfortunately, because the system is not designed to accept traditional cash payments (like a vending machine), you can create a lot of chaos and disruption to the micro market experience if you leave a cash payment, by placing cash at the point of purchase.

If you do not pay for an item using a credit/debit card or your micro market account, then the system does not know that product has been removed from the market. This causes two issues:

  1. If the system doesn't know any item has been removed, it cannot know to replace it. This leaves the market looking empty and leaves you and your team members without the product you want when you need it.

  2. When inventory is done, it will look like these items were stolen from the market. If these missing inventory numbers get too high, the market gets removed from your location.

  3. Although we know you are trying to do the right thing by paying for the item, there's no way to know that the cash you leave behind will still be there when a J&J team member arrives to collect it.

Please make sure to only pay via the proper channels (credit/debit) and official 365 or Company Kitchen account to ensure the proper service, restocking and management of your micro market.

Need a Micro Market Account?

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